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You don't need a doctors degree to do Digital Marketing, but a consistent effort is required to get to into the search engines and to stay on top. Let us do the work on increasing targeted traffic to your site, get great links & convert your leads into clients. We can professionally handle all of your digital marketing, including local SEO, keyword research, link building, analysis of your competition, professional web design, landing page creation, blog management, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, reputation management, Facebook ads, Google Adwords & more. Just pick & choose which services you need or sign up for our all-inclusive digital marketing service.

Digital Marketing

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Local SEO Marketing

We will optimize and build your local listings to increase your rankings in the search engine maps and local searches. We’ll create high authority citations at all of the important niche related directories, local data sites and rich media sites including geotagging images, audio, and video. Your company citations will be built and cleaned up by us on sites such as Google My Business, Yahoo Local, Apple Maps, Bing, Angie’s List, Mapquest, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yellow Pages, The Chamber of Commerce and much more.

Social Media Marketing

Social media sites can't be ignored in your website marketing strategy since social media sites are only behind search engines when it comes to popularity and visitors. Facebook alone has over 1 billion active users online every day. Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram also have an extremely high amount of visitors, and it's easy to see why you would need to be present on these platforms as well and not to forget to have a social media friendly website. Social media is of high importance, and we work with it every day, which is why our social media marketing services are among the best out there. We will help you set up social media profiles on all the major social media sites or even redesign your existing social media pages, manage the profiles for you by posting updates and setup targeted social media ads.

Content Marketing

A blog is important to drive traffic to your site, establish your website as an authority site, convert the traffic into valuable leads, keep your website visitors engaged in your company and create shares to social media. Managing a blog can be boring and also very time-consuming for many website owners. Remove that stress in your life and let us manage your blog so you can reap all the benefits of blogging without having to do the boring and time-consuming work involved. Our content marketing services which we also offer, are focused on creating and distributing unique, relevant and consistent website content so you can attract and retain an audience. Get more leads to your website with content that is of high quality, is interesting and up-to-date. We have the some of the best website content experts in the business, and they are eagerly waiting to assist you.

Facebook ads, Google AdWords & Pay Per Click

PPC is an Efficient and affordable way of advertising for you and your business. We can offer banner design, great keywords, and copy that has proven to get your ads onto Facebook and Google and seen by as many eyes as possible, as soon as possible. You'll get access to huge audiences with our partnership with Google and Facebook, and we'll do all the work. With our compelling ads, you will get lots of new visitors to your website, and the best part is that you'll only pay per click. What this means, is that if you get no clicks, you don't pay a cent. The ads we create for you will have content that is tempting to potential customers, and by employing Google Adwords and Facebook ads, we make sure that your ads are seen by those who are actively seeking out products in your niche. Our advertising will help you get more customers for your business, and fast!

Email & Newsletter Marketing

Email marketing is a crucial part of business as it keeps you top of mind for your clients. Building a list is probably pretty close to being the best way to do this, another important part is to create email lists of your existing customers. We can optimize your site to get more visitors to opt-in to your list without irritating being a nuisance. We can also help you create emails that are well thought out, and that your readers will enjoy. We can also help you find the best time to send out your emails, so they have the highest possible open rate. And have systems in place to make sure they don't get blocked by over-eager spam filters. We will strive to create a newsletter that is highly engaging and that your clients will enjoy getting, and it'll make them get a more positive view of your business. Emails that are carefully crafted and a newsletter that is engaging increases trust and loyalty with your potential clients and could turn them into customers.

Web Design & Landing Pages

Your online marketing planning should start with a professional, well-designed website. Marketing an old and bland website makes no sense as nobody will buy into your brand. Sign up to our digital marketing services, and we will completely redesign your website or blog with a more modern and highly converting design. We will Focus on lead generation; we’ll develop your updated website using all the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. We aim to drive more traffic to your site with high-quality article content, customer testimonials and reviews, frequently asked questions, rich social media connections and a precise call to action or landing pages that converts visitors into real leads.

Link Building

Link building is probably the most critical component of SEO. Search engines such as Google and Bing are constantly updating algorithms and techniques to analyze backlinks within the website's to make sure you are ranking well while building your own site’s reputation. The amount and quality of the links pointing to your site will directly affect the popularity of your site within the (SERPs) search engines on the internet. Search engines also use links to measure spam metrics, site authority, and trust. We know the importance of link building and how quality backlinks will boost your overall SEO rankings. Our team of SEO content creators and developers are always on the lookout to implement the latest link building techniques to stay ahead of all the updates from the major search engines to ensure your site ranks highly. We ensure your pages link to popular and trustworthy blogs and websites that will also link back to your site, which significantly improves your rankings.

Keyword & Competitive Analysis

Keyword research is yet another important factor of marketing for your business. For your website to rank high in the search engines, it is imperative to select rankable keywords for your site content. Many webmasters lack the expertise needed to choose the best keywords for their sites as there are so many different factors to bear in mind such as keyword popularity, niche, and competitiveness. We will identify the best keywords in your selected niche. We will also study your site objectives and use our extensive keyword research tools to pick the best, most unique and the least competitive keywords for your website. We’ll also monitor your competition to ensure that you are always one step ahead. There are thousands of websites in any given niche that are all competing for the same goal - the top spot on Google and other top search engines. We will help you monitor what your competitors are doing in an effort to make your site stand out from the crowd. Our competitive analysis program will help you determine and capitalize on any weaknesses your competitors have.

Reputation Management

What people say about you online really impacts your site status and conversions. In fact, just one negative online review can influence the buying decisions of thousands of people. Potential buyers trust what they see in web-based reviews and are twelve times more likely to buy into your services compared to the endorsements potential customers see in other related company marketing. Four out of five people look for advice on social media networks before making an online purchase. Obtaining good online reviews and resolving them quickly and professionally is essential to winning the hearts of your potential clients. We are specialists in reputation marketing. We know this all-important marketing strategy is a time-consuming process that is usually too much for business owners to handle themselves. We can take on this off your shoulders and help you achieve and maintain positive, converting reviews.

Monitoring, Reporting & Tracking

After ensuring your website is search engine friendly in every way possible, you need to monitor your site to ensure your marketing strategies are effective and delivering regarding sales. This is where our monitoring, tracking, and reporting come into effect. Many website owners don’t have time, let alone the expertise to manage and test their marketing strategies over long periods of time. Given the fact that marketing strategies keep changing with search engine updates, the importance of constantly monitoring every aspect of your site cannot be overlooked. To be able to rank your site on page one of the search engines constantly, you will require the services of digital marketing experts like us who constantly monitor your site with issue reports and make changes whenever necessary. Digital Marketing is a team effort, and we have specialists in all departments. Our monitoring, tracking and reporting services ensure your website is perfectly optimized for search engines 24 hours a day. This is crucial for ensuring your site stays well maintained as well as improving your keyword rankings.

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